3D origami crab tutorial (instruction) for beginners

Video description

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami volume crab. Total number of pieces needed to make this crab is 88 pieces.

Detailed video and just perfect for beginners. This figure crab easy to assemble. Crab can make any other colors modules (colors). So:

We need:

86 orange and 2 black triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Making the first row of the 5 pieces. Second row make of 4

And add two pieces on the edges in the second row

3rd row consists of 5 pieces

4th row consists of 6 pieces

5th row consists of 5 pieces

6th row consists of 6 pieces

7th row consists of 5 pieces

Insert 2 black piece. This will be crab eyes

Insert 5 pieces one in one

and we bend

Making six these paws .

Insert 4 pieces one in one

and we bend

Making two such paws

Then make paws with a claw. Insert 5 pieces one to one

and make two rows of two pieces

Making these two paws

And attach (please note, as is necessary to insert front paws)

attach the paws 4-pieces

Insert a piece of in paws with claws

And insert them in special "Pockets" front paws

3D origami crab for beginners ready!

And now you know how to make a crab of paper 3D origami. Use this video as a master class in the assembly of the crab.

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